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Rhianna with this dope ass Ma’at tat

Just hours after these pictures were taking, Setember 7th, 1996, while in Las Vegas, Tupac would later being shot multiple times and die on September 13, 1996


vegan eye candy btw ;0)

Kareem Abdul Jabbar don’t give a FUCK!

Find A Veg Restaurant No Matter Where You Are

When you’re too tired or lazy to make your own meals, I know the options seem limited to none when looking for somewhere to get a quick bite out here. So, thanks to, you can always find a close veg restaurant close to where you live or where ever you may be, worldwide. The reviews are helpful as well too. So, go to the site, type in ya zip code and see what good veg spots are lurking around you. 

Disclaimer: as of 9/3/2012 I’m not a committed vegan, I’m still in transition…I’m just saying

Thanks to, I found a cool vegan restaurant near my side of town (SW Houston). For me, all was good, they have: reasonable prices, nice atmosphere and a variety of entrees, appetizers, drinks and desserts. But I keep it simple, all I got was the “golden nugget” (soy protein strips) and banana fritters, good stuff overall. The lady who took my order was pretty nice and quite i likes that. Because, in the past I’ve been to places similar to Loving Hut and I wasn’t greeted with a warmest welcome to say the least, but its all good lol. But, I post this to say, if you’re a person of any kind of veg lifestyle, veg curious or just want to try something new, hit up Loving Hut, because I sho will be going back soon as I get the chance. I wanna try their signature burger and one of their drinks or cheesecakes, but until then…

Address:  2825 S. Kirkwood Rd Houston Texas 77082


"America’s colleges need your help. They are in deep financial trouble."
Reader’s Diget ‘79
The great grandparents, Claire & Velmon Allen. For the next few days i’ll post a few advertisements ad from my great grandmother’s Reader Digest mag from 1979. Price… 95¢
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